The Washington Post: The US Air Force abandoned its allies in Syria during a battle

US Air Force dropped its allies in Syria at a critical moment in the battle, which led to the failure of the operation, according to The Washington Post. Sources told the newspaper that the June 28

7 July 2016

The Chinese newspaper Global Times warned of a possible conflict between China and the US

China should prepare for a military confrontation in the South China Sea, Reuters reported with reference to the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party's Global Times. The publication has

5 July 2016

The interception of American military aircraft Chinese and Russian fighters

May 22 commander of the Pacific US Air Force Gen. Herbert Carlisle (Herbert Carlisle) in an interview with the newspaper "USA Today" made a serious criticism of the growing "aggressive" Chinese and

2 June 2016

US offered new Russian in Syria truce monitoring system

Agreement may be signed next week US offers Russia to organize in Syria a new clock system of monitoring compliance with the cessation of hostilities, said US Secretary of State John Kerry, as quoted

25 April 2016

The Polish newspaper Observator Polityczny: Russia without the West will cost, but it is without it - no way

Despite the apparent hostility of the West, Moscow demonstrates exclusively peaceful policy, and does not burn the bridges behind them. And now, once again put himself in a trap in the Middle East

8 September 2015

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