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The head of Google wrote a guide to switch from iPhone to Android

Google chairman Eric Schmidt on his page on the social networking published instructions for rapid and safe transition to Apple's smartphone on Android-devices. Why? Because, according to the head of

25 November 2013

Google and Facebook users will be put under cover FBI

The head of the FBI Robert Mueller suggested that empower spy on users of popular social networks.

According to the publication The Register, Mueller made a similar proposal at a meeting with

19 November 2010

What would happen if Steve Jobs was questioned not in San Mateo, while in Moscow

Recently, the network has the news that police had questioned the California Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the investigation into the theft of a prototype of the iPhone 4. This was stated by District

25 September 2010

Network of the Pentagon attack six million times a day

Network DoD withstand 6,000,000 hacker attacks per day. Such data led head Kiberkomandovaniya Gen. Keith Alexander at a meeting with experts on network security and reporters in Washington, reports

4 June 2010

The head of Google considers meanness worry about anonymity online

Google CEO Eric Schmidt called cowards those who worry about safety of their personal data in the network.

“If you want to hide something from others, perhaps you should first think about whether or

9 December 2009

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