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In a suburb of Los Angeles - Santa Monica - a dispute over the space traditionally devote to a Christmas nativity scene in a local park, has led to a clash of Christians and atheists, reports

1 January 2012

The Court of Los Angeles banned the dogs bark city more than 10 minutes on pain of fines up to $ 1,000

The Court of Los Angeles, considered the complaint of a resident, Gary Leonard, decided to make amendments to local laws that establish for too long, annoying dogs woof fines for their owners from $

2 November 2011

In the Los Angeles area surfaced millions of dead fish

Tuesday at King-Harbor Bay near the city of Redondo Beach in Los Angeles area found a large number of dead fish, reports local TV station KTLA5.

According to local TV stations in some parts of the

8 March 2011

Died American actress Brittany Murphy - star of films “Just Married”, “8 Mile” and “Sin City”

32-year-old star of films “Just Married”, “8 Mile” and “Sin City” has died at his home in Los Angeles. Medics arrived on cue to rescue service and Murphy was taken to hospital Cedars-Sen. Death was

20 December 2009

Los Angeles moved to Gmail

After two hours of debate, the City Council of Los Angeles voted unanimously to move the entire municipal postal system to service Gmail. Tender for

28 October 2009

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