US militants LIH retreating on all fronts

Terrorists "Islamic State" (banned in Russia) are retreating on all fronts. So on Sunday, August 21, said Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, came recently in the position of commander of the combined forces

23 August 2016

Reuters: Russia anticipates US diplomatic steps in Syria

Announcing the launch of a humanitarian campaign in Aleppo, Moscow ahead of Washington's demands Attempts by the US Secretary of State John Kerry to force Moscow to help America in its struggle

29 July 2016

Trump disagreed with Obama’s statement that the US is a great country

US presidential candidate billionaire Donald Trump did not agree with the current head of the White House Barack Obama that the United States continues to be a great nation. Donald J. Trump ✔

28 July 2016

Media: US military aircraft shot down in Iraq (US command refute these reports)

Arab media with reference to Internet resources gap in the Russian terrorist group "Islamic State", reported shot down in Iraq, the US military aircraft. According to them, he was shot down near the

26 July 2016

The Pentagon has acknowledged the impact of its Air Force union grouping in Syria

The Pentagon is investigating the case of the application of the US Air Force air strike by union grouping in Syria, which is fighting the militants "Islamic state" (IG, banned in Russia), according

11 June 2016

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