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U.S. intelligence agencies are monitoring the Internet to 377 words, convey the UK media

U.S. intelligence agencies are monitoring the Internet to 377 words - such as “organized crime, plane, illegal immigration.” This is reported by British media today. In this case they refer to

1 June 2012

‘Big Brother’ 2.0 (U.S. impose total control on the Internet)

The British newspaper The Daily Mail published a list of words that are used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to monitor web sites and social networks. This was done at the request of the

29 May 2012

The creators of the Internet will protect Pentagon hacker

Advanced Research Unit U.S. Department of Defense, which played forty years ago a key role in the creation and development of the Internet, intends to concentrate its efforts on establishing a

8 November 2011

The State Department has allocated money to create “shadow Internet” for the revolutionaries and dissidents

Barack Obama’s administration is working on a “shadow” systems, internet and mobile phones, which would be “able to enjoy the dissidents to undermine the oppressive regimes that seek to censor and

12 June 2011

In Kansas City will hold a super-fast Internet of the future

Back in February of last year, Google has promised to lay in a U.S. urban broadband network with a capacity of 1 gigabit per second (almost a hundred times faster than most of today’s Internet-based

31 March 2011

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