New York court has ordered Iran to pay $ 10.5 billion in the case of the terrorist attacks of 9/11

Relatives will receive $ 8.8 million for each victim of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Federal Court for the Southern District of New York ruled Iranian government to pay $ 10.5 billion to

10 March 2016

US Senator: Saudi Arabia could buy a nuclear weapon because of a conflict with Iran

The senator also said that "deeply concerned" by the possibility of the start of full-scale war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, NEW YORK, January 5. / Correspondent. Ivan Pil'shchikov TASS /. Saudi

5 January 2016

EU may introduce visa requirements for US citizens

The EU has threatened to re-introduce visas for citizens of the US, if the US Congress passes a law that would prohibit entry into the United States of the EU representatives who visited Syria, Iraq

17 December 2015

Browser Il Giornale: at the meeting with Putin, Obama saved his own skin

Now that the end is near the Syrian conflict, most states fighting against Assad's government for four years, change their views in order to get closer to the two new global players: Russia and Iran

17 November 2015

Tehran demanded the United States to carry out an agreement on the atom

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, said Washington should respect the agreements reached on the Iranian nuclear program (INP) and prevent it from blocking the congressmen. "We believe that the

14 September 2015

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