North korea

China’s position has prevented the UN Security Council to agree on a statement on North Korea’s missile launches

Beijing proposed to condemn the United States and South Korea plans to deploy US missile defense systems Moscow. 10th of August. INTERFAX.RU - The UN Security Council has agreed on Tuesday a

10 August 2016

Rubio: Cuba to normalize relations with the United States should “expel Russian”

US presidential candidate from the Republican Party Marco Rubio said one of the conditions for the normalization of relations with Cuba, that country's refusal to cooperate with Russia, China and

11 March 2016

North Korea promises to answer the United States ‘unprecedented’ war

National Defense Commission of North Korea made a statement about the future of relations with the United States. In the published document KCNA said that the DPRK will no longer negotiate with the

4 February 2015

United States rejected the proposal to terminate the DPRK nuclear test

Washington, Jan. 11 / Xinhua / - The official US State Department spokesman Jen Psaki on Saturday rejected the DPRK put forward proposals, in which North Korea offered to stop nuclear testing in

12 January 2015

In South Korea detained an American who tried to swim to reach the DPRK

Men over 30 years. He was detained by South Korean border guards while trying to cross the river and enter the territory of the DPRK. Information about how to name the man and why he tried to enter

17 September 2014

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