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North Korea promises to answer the United States ‘unprecedented’ war

National Defense Commission of North Korea made a statement about the future of relations with the United States. In the published document KCNA said that the DPRK will no longer negotiate with the

4 February 2015

North Korea threatened to respond to the UN Security Council condemnation of the military force

North Korea threatened to use military force if the UN Security Council issue a resolution condemning North Korea for the death of South Korean corvette “Cheonan. It is reported by AFP.

As the

15 June 2010

North Korea has armed forces in full combat readiness. U.S. and South Korea, organize joint exercises.

The armed forces of North Korea are in full alert, reported the South Korean agency Yonhap.

Citing unnamed sources, claims that the order of the North Korean leader about this was given the highest

25 May 2010

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