North korea, u.s.

Pyongyang has demanded the U.S. withdraw its troops from the southern part of the Korean Peninsula

North Korea demanded that the United States withdraw its troops from the southern part of the Korean peninsula.

As noted in the statement of the Legal Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the

7 September 2010

North Korea made threats against South Korea and the U.S.

The military command of North Korea launched today with the threat to South Korea and the United States. It is reported that Pyongyang has threatened to “blow up” its southern neighbor, as well as

8 March 2010

North Korea wants the U.S. to transfer frozen funds to Russia

The issue of resuming negotiations on yaderony problem can be solved, if North Korea would …

22 March 2007

North Korea demanded the U.S. lift financial sanctions

“If the financial sanctions are lifted completely, we will not stop our nuclear program”, - …

16 March 2007

Vice-President of the United States will fight with China along with Japan

Today Vice President Dick Cheney concluded his visit to Japan. In the land of the …

21 February 2007

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