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Rubio: Cuba to normalize relations with the United States should “expel Russian”

US presidential candidate from the Republican Party Marco Rubio said one of the conditions for the normalization of relations with Cuba, that country's refusal to cooperate with Russia, China and

11 March 2016

Development of unmanned attack aircraft based on the U.S. drone target purchased in one of the countries in the Middle East, is in the DPRK, according to Yonhap News Agency.
“North Korea recently

5 February 2012

The new leadership of the DPRK led by the youngest son of the late leader of the country Kim Jong Ynom appealed to the U.S. with a request for food aid. Please Pyongyang was transferred to Washington

7 January 2012

North Korea threatens military response to joint military exercises the United States and South Korea

North Korean authorities said on Sunday that will inflict a military strike against U.S. forces and South Korea on the Korean peninsula, if these countries will start joint exercises on it, reports

27 February 2011

Pyongyang has demanded the U.S. withdraw its troops from the southern part of the Korean Peninsula

North Korea demanded that the United States withdraw its troops from the southern part of the Korean peninsula.

As noted in the statement of the Legal Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the

7 September 2010

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