Putin in a telephone conversation with Obama, said that the request of the White House is an interference in the judicial process, and therefore can not be executed

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the statement of his US counterpart Barack Obama, who called on the Russian authorities to release former Ukrainian servicemen Hope Savchenko. Dmitry

18 March 2016

Pranker Lexus: Obama - the next (known masters of drawing developing the script a telephone conversation with US President)

Pranker Lexus said "Russian news service" that he and his colleague Vova prepare US President Barack Obama's rally. "Attempts have been and will be, but when I will not tell you that he [Obama -

12 February 2016

Churkin: communicating polite and Power

The situation in Ukraine, the United States are under the scheme of black and white comic book: in a negative way served Moscow's position, in high tones - a policy of Kyiv. Russia's permanent

17 June 2015

U.S. senators are threatening to extend the scope of “Magnitsky Act” to the whole world

Republican Senator John McCain and his Democratic colleague Ben Cardin proposes to expand the action "Magnitsky Act" to the whole world. This is stated in a statement posted on the official website

17 January 2014

Scientists have created “elixir of youth” and tested in mice

A group of Australian scientists and their American colleagues made a statement on the development of a new drug that can reverse the aging process of muscle cells in mice. The results of research

2 January 2014

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