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New automated algorithm of Facebook put forward on the first place among “popular” news false information (fake)

Facebook has dismissed part of the staff responsible for the formation of the block "Popular" (Trending) - tapes with the most discussed news. Then the company announced the service automation. The

30 August 2016

The developed technology allows blind and deaf viewers to watch movies

The largest U.S. cinema chain, owned by Regal Entertainment Group, in partnership with
Sony has started to introduce a unique technology that allows blind and deaf people to join the world of

22 April 2012

Shares of fast food chain McDonalds on the results of 2011 showed the fastest growth among U.S. “blue chips”. Securities of the company rose by 33.5 percent per year. This was reported in the press

30 December 2011

Apple’s vice president left the company [Apple is not a cake]

1 November 2011

Leadership network of coffee houses, “Starbucks,” declared the war on clients with laptops - they are not allowed to sockets

The company said that so stores will compete with visitors who have laptops. The fact that they occupy a long table, reports “Reuters.” It is reported that in the first place, this restriction will

7 August 2011

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