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The son of actor S.Stallone found dead at his home in Hollywood

The son of a famous American actor Sylvester Stallone, Sage Stallone found dead at his home in Hollywood. This is the Associated Press reported with reference to the police in Los Angeles. According

14 July 2012

Died Ray Bradbury

In Los Angeles, June 6 at the 92 th year of life died an American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury. This was reported in microblog agency Associated Press.

Information about the writer’s death

7 June 2012

In Los Angeles on Sunday announced the winners of the most unenviable prize in film - “Golden Raspberry”, awarded for the worst work in the film.

Almost the entire crop of plastic fruit got the

2 April 2012

In a suburb of Los Angeles - Santa Monica - a dispute over the space traditionally devote to a Christmas nativity scene in a local park, has led to a clash of Christians and atheists, reports

1 January 2012

DOCTOR MICHAEL JACKSON Conrad Murray was found guilty of the singer’s death

Immediately after the announcement of the verdict, he was arrested. A few hours before at the courthouse in Los Angeles, crowds began to gather fans of Jackson. They sang songs and shouted “Guilty!”,

8 November 2011

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