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The Court of Los Angeles banned the dogs bark city more than 10 minutes on pain of fines up to $ 1,000

The Court of Los Angeles, considered the complaint of a resident, Gary Leonard, decided to make amendments to local laws that establish for too long, annoying dogs woof fines for their owners from $

2 November 2011

In Los Angeles, eliminate the consequences of failure, the cellular paralyzed.

The massive technical failure paralyze cellular in the U.S. Los Angeles and its suburbs. The reason for the incident has not been established. As a result of a failure that occurred the day before,

25 September 2011

Two Americans were arrested for blinding pilot laser

In Los Angeles, were arrested two local residents who are suspected of trying to dazzle the laser pilots of two police helicopters. As reported by The Los Angeles Times, the operation to search for

5 July 2011

In the United States canceled 300 flights because of a hole in the Boeing-737

The largest U.S. airline, the company canceled the day before Southwest Airnes in Los Angeles airport about 300 flights due to emergency landing of their aircraft. It is expected that approximately

3 April 2011

(Fake) Jackie Chan died of a heart attack.

In a new twitter unfortunate trend: Jackie Chan has died of a heart attack. It reported a hospital in Los Angeles. Legendary Hong Kong actor who appeared in more than 100 films, died last night from

29 March 2011

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