Czech general replied anecdote to the question of the conflict between Russia and NATO

Czech Major General in reserve Hynek Blashko in an interview Parlamentní listy commented on the possible conflict between Russia and NATO and said accompanying anecdote. Reporters reminded the

7 September 2016

Provoking Russia

Are the leaders of the European NATO member states are planning to follow the example of Jose Manuel Barroso, who became, after his presidency, the European Commission, a lobbyist, "Goldman Sachs" /

4 August 2016

“Kamchatka loggia” stop NATO (political scientist - the need to deter the United States asymmetric)

The results of the NATO summit in Warsaw, held in the "bunker" format, in an environment deliberately inflated precautions that looked especially ridiculous against the background of a real fire in

11 July 2016

“We will not be held hostage to the US”. Day in History: July 1 - half a century ago France withdrew from NATO

France was one of the founders of the 12 NATO countries. However, in the decade since its creation in 1949, the North Atlantic Alliance between France and the United States have accumulated a lot of

1 July 2016

Reuters: Bulgaria refuses to strengthen the NATO presence in the Black Sea

Bulgaria does not intend to join NATO's plans to strengthen its presence in the Black Sea, as it does not want to wage a war in the region. This was stated by Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko

17 June 2016

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