Business Insider: Obama Maduro did not give up without a fight oil

The Venezuelan president accused the US of attempting to seize its oil wealth of the country. It happened after the head of the Organization of American States (OAS), offered to hold an extraordinary

6 June 2016

Oil: European oil giants have noted a sharp drop in profits

European oil giants Royal Dutch Shell plc and Statoil ASA are the latest companies that demonstrate just how much they have suffered from the decline in oil prices, after they had on Thursday

10 February 2016

TriVest: the price of oil will rise faster than you think. It always happens

Currently, the oil market is dominated by panic, but many people forget that behind strong collapse of prices for black gold was soon followed by a powerful rebound. In our opinion, the main cause of

19 January 2016

Dollar sanity Saudi Arabia

Falling oil prices, crazy world, monetary policy and the instability in the Middle East are forcing governments around the world to make difficult economic decisions. So thanks to Riyadh for the fact

16 January 2016

US begins to export liquefied natural gas. The main buyers - Japan, South Korea and Europe

United States following the lifting of the embargo on the sale of oil and started to export liquefied natural gas (LNG). The first tanker with fuel will leave Tuesday from Louisiana, and the buyer

11 January 2016

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