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Letter from Nikolaev: The preparation for the placement of US missiles in southern Ukraine

To the Editor "PolitNavigatora" received a letter from the Mykolaiv region, which lists the indications that the US may attempt to place missiles of medium and long-range in the south of present-day

9 September 2015

(It was digging) American intelligence veterans opposed the policy of the USA in Ukraine

Veterans of the United States intelligence agencies in the run-up to the NATO summit wrote a letter to Angela Merkel, which questioned the American intelligence data, "proving" the Russian "invasion

5 September 2014

Letters of Mogilevich - a new portion of the revelations from the site Wikileaks has caused suspicion of having links Dmitry Firtash

Website Wikileaks has published another batch of secret diplomatic correspondence (see also page 02 and, including a report from former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor on

3 December 2010

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