Nikkei: Fortuna over and over again makes gifts to Putin

Luck literally haunts Putin's foreign policy, writes in his article for the Nikkei American political scientist Ian Bremmer. According to him, the Russian president has benefited from various

13 August 2016

“They destroyed the Olympics policy”: As social media campaign criticized Putin your medals

The Russian Embassy in the UK there was a box installed bookmaker. According to the company, it is designed to return the medals obtained by the Russians at the Olympics in Sochi. Members of social

21 July 2016

Bush danced on the funeral of a policeman killed in Dallas. On the former US president flurry of criticism for inappropriate behavior at the funeral

George W. Bush disgraced the memorial service for the victims of the police, which took place in Texas. The politician suddenly began to dance during the performance of "The Battle Hymn of the

13 July 2016

Islamists sponsors invested in Hillary

Translation articles about sponsors reelection campaign in the United States. Source: img-fotki.yandex.ru The longer watching the unfolding of the race, the more I realize that Mrs. Clinton is truly

12 May 2016

Trump said that China “raping” the US

Source: cdn12.img22.ria.ru MOSCOW, May 2 - RIA Novosti. US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump has criticized Chinese trade policy, CNN reported. "We can not continue to

2 May 2016

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