State Department representative was not able to explain to the correspondent RT, where it is located the position of the IG in Syria

During the briefing, State Department spokesman Mark Toner, RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan asked to comment on the position of the United States, according to which the US authorities have no

7 October 2015

US changed position on Syria

The United States suspended the recruitment of new Syrian opposition fighters for training in camps in Turkey and Jordan, transmits television channel "Russia 24". Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said:

30 September 2015

Churkin: communicating polite and Power

The situation in Ukraine, the United States are under the scheme of black and white comic book: in a negative way served Moscow's position, in high tones - a policy of Kyiv. Russia's permanent

17 June 2015

The Russians do not have a unified position on the question whether the country is now in the international isolation: 47% think that is, 45% hold the opposite opinion

More than half of respondents (63%) of those who think that Russia is in isolation, are concerned about this situation, and a third (35%) do not worry on that score, the poll conducted November 21-24

8 December 2014

US sanctions against Russia could weaken the dollar

Sanctions policy against the United States in Russia and other countries could lead to the loss of the dollar's position as a major international currency. This opinion was expressed by former

11 August 2014

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