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Nuland said that while the IMF will not lend to Ukraine

Due to political instability in Ukraine, the International Monetary Fund and the US government can not provide additional financial assistance to the Ukrainian authorities. This was stated by US

16 March 2016

At a hearing of the U.S. Congress in Ukraine Victoria Nuland asked a lot of uncomfortable questions (She had to admit that on Independence attended neo-Nazi groups)

U.S. openly support Ukraine's new government, which came to power in a coup. However, Washington's position there are contradictions. Some of them drew attention to Republican Congressman from

10 May 2014

Former Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States: States can not help Ukraine because of their dependence on Russia

Former Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Yuri Scherbak said that the American government “hands tied” to help Kiev because of Washington’s dependence on Moscow. According to him, it is

20 August 2010

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