“E” Operation. Russia saved Erdogan from US intelligence

Replicated version of staging a coup by Erdogan looks convincing, if only because that the representatives of both sides consciously risked their lives and died - as the coup participants and

22 July 2016

Bare US nerves: so why suddenly the Americans fuss?

The last steps of the outgoing US president could lead to a fundamental geopolitical shocks. All the fun and interesting sounding statements from representatives of the ruling Democrats in the United

21 June 2016

US prepared a report to contain opponents in space

The US government has developed and submitted to the US Congress a report on curbing the "opponents" in outer space. This is stated in the brief notice given on Thursday on behalf of President Barack

27 May 2016

The US State Department did not comment on the visit to Washington, the leader of “Ahrar al-Sham”

According to the representative of the Foreign Ministry, it is not certain that the gunman had met with someone from the State Department employees. The official representative of the US State

24 May 2016

“Definitely, a contextually and verbatim translation of the phrase” put up or shut up “-” make up or shut up “” - Maria Zakharova diplomatic lexicon, “digital diplomacy” and proficiency

The story of how an employee of the State Department Mark Toner said that Russia in Syria has to "make or shut up" (put up or shut up), a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova was

5 March 2016

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