The total US national debt for the first time exceeded $ 19.5 trillion.

This was announced by the US Treasury, reports Washington Examiner. It is also emphasized that at the time of the arrival of Barack Obama for US president size of the country's national debt was

2 September 2016

“The last hope of Earth” Clinton said of US exceptionalism

During his speech in Ohio candidate for US president from the Democrats, Hillary Clinton said that the US is "exceptional" and the country "indispensable", despite the fact that it can be frustrating

1 September 2016

“Putin is to blame for everything”: the American edition ridiculed Clinton speech

American conservative news portal Breitbart mocked Hillary Clinton's speech, in which US presidential candidate lashed out at rival Donald Trump himself and Breitbart website. It is reported by

27 August 2016

Assange called the Clinton campaign of anti-Russian hysteria

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange criticized the US campaign of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, calling it "anti-Russian hysteria". "In this campaign there is a

26 August 2016

Nikkei: Fortuna over and over again makes gifts to Putin

Luck literally haunts Putin's foreign policy, writes in his article for the Nikkei American political scientist Ian Bremmer. According to him, the Russian president has benefited from various

13 August 2016

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