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Virus kartohu who stole data 110 million bank cards, written Russian teenager (From the report: minor code author is “very well-known programmer”)

A malicious program, by which the data were stolen bank card 110 million customers of American retail chain Target, was written by a hacker minors from St. Petersburg. This was reported by the

18 January 2014

Programmers social networks are sounding the alarm

33 year old American Nick Johnson, better known as a hacker under the name ElMont discovered a vulnerability in the algorithm for storing passwords in such popular social networking sites like

7 September 2011

In California, died developers of the first computer network

Programmer Paul Baran (Paul Baran), whose development in the batch data exchange laid the foundations for the modern Internet, has died at the age of 84. Reported by the Associated Press.


28 March 2011

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