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Bacteria on the boundary. Why the United States is surrounded by a network of Russian centers for the development of biological weapons

Among all types of weapons of mass destruction developed by mankind in the last 100 years, one of the most high-tech and yet the least known to the public is a biological weapon. If on the

29 August 2016

In California, died developers of the first computer network

Programmer Paul Baran (Paul Baran), whose development in the batch data exchange laid the foundations for the modern Internet, has died at the age of 84. Reported by the Associated Press.


28 March 2011

A dedicated browser for social networks

Started beta testing the new browser RockMelt code-based Chromium. The development is designed for active users of social networks. RockMelt promises to greatly facilitate communication with friends

8 November 2010

CIA invests in monitoring blogs and sotssetey, U.S. intelligence services expect to make better use of "open intelligence".

In-Q-Tel, the private sector arm of the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies, is going to invest in a company Visible Technologies. This company is engaged

20 October 2009

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