Bush danced on the funeral of a policeman killed in Dallas. On the former US president flurry of criticism for inappropriate behavior at the funeral

George W. Bush disgraced the memorial service for the victims of the police, which took place in Texas. The politician suddenly began to dance during the performance of "The Battle Hymn of the

13 July 2016

Lacerate Yugoslavia today the US would not be able

In Soviet times, the SFRY - Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - was considered an ally of us rather than the enemy. And let it not part of the Warsaw Pact, but NATO did not join. It is a kind

24 November 2015

Voennno Commander Naval Forces of China said the threat of war with the United States

Beijing has warned the United States about the risk of war in the South China Sea. According to Reuters, the commander of the naval forces of the People's Republic of China, Admiral Wu Shengli said

30 October 2015

Elections in the Donbas as a new pretext for anti-Russian sanctions

The European Union and the United States are considering imposing new sanctions against Russia. It will happen in the event that the authorities of self-proclaimed republics of folk Donetsk and

4 September 2015

Germany: shame be a banana republic

Germany - Land of advanced Western democracy, and the media here long run system, beating in unison step team of senior political Cpl. Therefore, the transfer under the name "Banana Republic?"

10 November 2014

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