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The U.S. Navy will deploy 4G-networks on warships

Mobile is the fourth generation are not even in all the cities of developed countries, but soon 4G appears on U.S. Navy ships. By decision of command, by the end of 2012 on three ships, the Navy will

28 May 2012

Relay Libyan government channels must be stopped

In his address to the United Arab satellite network (ARABSAT), based in Riyadh, the foreign ministers of the League of Arab States (LAS) insisted on the need to block the broadcast of Libyan state

16 May 2011

U.S. President want to take the right turn off of computer systems, communications and servers

Such right of the president of the United States really is, and most unusual in this whole situation is that these rights are granted Congress leader of the country at a time when the Internet or

26 December 2010

Pakistan to press charges against the founder of Facebook in connection with the publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad

Executive director and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has become persona, for which Pakistan police began a formal investigation. In a country dissatisfied with the fact that Zuckerberg, as

18 June 2010

Carriers want to pay Google for traffic

All major telecom operators in developed countries have to face a growing volume of traffic due to increase in popularity of video and multimedia network.

Almost all companies have said that either

12 April 2010

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