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The network has high-quality images of NASA astronauts on the Moon

More than 8.4 thousand photos in high resolution, obtained by US astronauts during missions to the Moon, laid out in a network. Photos are available on the page of the Project Apollo Archive at

3 October 2015

American homeless man found her daughter with Twitter

Page on the social network Twitter helped homeless people in New York to find the daughter he had not seen for 11 years, reports on Saturday, an American TV channel CNN.

Daniel Morales (Daniel

26 February 2011

A hacker hacked into the personal page of Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday’s personal page of the founder of social networking site Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has been compromised by hackers, reports The Telegraph.
It appeared incoherent

26 January 2011

16-year-old American teenager is suing his own mother because of the social network Facebook

16-year-old boy from Arkansas, USA, is suing his own mother because of the social network Facebook, reports katv. The young man accuses his mother that she hacked his account of the social network

8 April 2010

The creators of “Family Guy” “heartless” insulted the family of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin expressed outrage at the content of the animated series Family Guy ( “Family Guy”). At its site in the social network Facebook, former governor of Alaska and a former candidate for

17 February 2010

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