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Facebook disabled the broadcast stations of “VKontakte”

"Social network Facebook in recent years, losing users in the CIS. Perhaps, therefore, the day before Facebook blocked users need to broadcast recordings from VKontakte" - said in his account founder

11 December 2013

Court ordered a pair of divorces to share passwords on Facebook

Couple passing the divorce proceedings, was ordered to exchange passwords from accounts in the Facebook social network and dating sites. The problems began at a time when Steven Gullion (Stephen

10 November 2011

The study of social networks - a tool of financial forecast?

On Twitter learn to predict fluctuations in the index of Dow Jones.

Using the two algorithms, Google-Profile of Mood States (GPOMS) and OpinionFinder, a group of prospectors examined 9.7 million

24 October 2010

A U.S. court has made proof of non-public record on social networks

The District Court of New York Suffolk County ruled, narrowing even more private space in social networks, insisted on giving as evidence in court of non-public records on Facebook and MySpace, says

30 September 2010

Brazilian authorities fined Google for communication in social network

Brazilian authorities have fined the company Google on 8,5 thousands of dollars. According to AFP, was caused by an entry in the Google-owned social network Orkut. One of its users called the

25 April 2010

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