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Col. SVR Shcherbakov taken under the protection of the FBI

Col. SVR Shcherbakov, believed to be issued to Americans Russian spy network in the U.S., taken under the protection of the FBI. As reported by broadcaster NBC, the Americans are afraid of

14 November 2010

Article “The U.S. is preparing to” turn off “the whole world”

From 1 October, thousands of U.S. military hackers and spies begin fighting in cyberspace.

In the U.S., more and more voices in defense of national information and communication networks, which

10 September 2010

U.S. will launch tracking Internet “perfect citizen”

U.S. authorities are launching a program of protection of infrastructure under the name “Ideal Citizen” (Perfect Citizen), writes The Wall Street Journal. The program involves the installation of

8 July 2010

RIAA and MPAA against BitTorrent. 1:0 in favor of p2p-networks

Record and movie studios are willing to pay big money to protect their property from the spread of file-sharing networks. They have spent millions

16 October 2009

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