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The network has high-quality images of NASA astronauts on the Moon

More than 8.4 thousand photos in high resolution, obtained by US astronauts during missions to the Moon, laid out in a network. Photos are available on the page of the Project Apollo Archive at

3 October 2015

Russia kicked out of McDonalds, KFC and Burger King

The State Duma continues to struggle with the networks of American restaurants, where Russians serves fast food. Previously, at the request of deputies CPS has verified the McDonalds, where there was

30 July 2014

Virus kartohu who stole data 110 million bank cards, written Russian teenager (From the report: minor code author is “very well-known programmer”)

A malicious program, by which the data were stolen bank card 110 million customers of American retail chain Target, was written by a hacker minors from St. Petersburg. This was reported by the

18 January 2014

In malicious code for the retail chain Target find Russian words

Malicious code, by which the data were kidnapped nearly 40 million customers bank cards American retailer Target, was "partly written in Russian." This was reported on Friday, January 17, on the site

17 January 2014

Facebook disabled the broadcast stations of “VKontakte”

"Social network Facebook in recent years, losing users in the CIS. Perhaps, therefore, the day before Facebook blocked users need to broadcast recordings from VKontakte" - said in his account founder

11 December 2013

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