Scientists at Stanford University: The security services are able to identify you even without any information wiretapping

After analyzing the telephone metadata volunteers - study participants: the date and time of calls made, duration of calls, the location of the caller's person, where and who originate phone calls

23 May 2016

U.S. buys potassium iodide to counter the effects of radioactive contamination of the population

Department of Health and Human Services ordered 14000000 doses of potassium iodide, a compound that protects the body from radiation poisoning in the aftermath of severe nuclear accidents

4 January 2014

“Cassini” made a successful overflight of Enceladus

April 14, 2012 space ship “Cassini” flew past Enceladus at 74 km.
The maneuver was designed mainly to the ion and neutral mass spectrometer was able to taste the spray of ice-water, water vapor and

17 April 2012

Found universal antibiotic that kills staph, even

Trees are capable of protecting people from deadly bacteria. Employees of the University of Missouri found in the needles of Eastern red cedar powerful antibiotic that can easily kill resistant

25 February 2011

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