New automated algorithm of Facebook put forward on the first place among “popular” news false information (fake)

Facebook has dismissed part of the staff responsible for the formation of the block "Popular" (Trending) - tapes with the most discussed news. Then the company announced the service automation. The

30 August 2016

The US is no response to the Russian cruise missiles

The spread of cruise missiles has become a threat to America, the answer to which the Pentagon is not, says researcher of the Center for Strategic and International Studies Tamas Karako article to

11 August 2016

Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow declared persona non grata two members of the US Embassy

Moscow declared persona non grata two US embassy staff for activities incompatible with diplomatic status - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Further escalation of the United

9 July 2016

Okinawans protest to the US Kadena base in connection with the killing of a Japanese woman

Protest rally held in front of the US Kadena base in Okinawa after it became known that the officer of the base, a US citizen, was involved in the murder of 20-year-old Japanese girl. According to

20 May 2016

“Definitely, a contextually and verbatim translation of the phrase” put up or shut up “-” make up or shut up “” - Maria Zakharova diplomatic lexicon, “digital diplomacy” and proficiency

The story of how an employee of the State Department Mark Toner said that Russia in Syria has to "make or shut up" (put up or shut up), a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova was

5 March 2016

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