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A columnist for Foreign Policy advised Ukraine to replace the power

The biggest problem in Ukraine remain its oligarchs, writes in an article for Foreign Policy adviser on political risk analyst Neil Abrams and Steven Fish. In Ukraine tycoons control the mainstream

15 June 2016

National Interest: US does not have a reliable missile defense

US have disabilities in regard to missile defense, says former US ambassador to Ukraine, a senior fellow at the Center for the US and Europe at the Brookings Institution Steven Pifer, in his article

31 March 2015

Europe scares re Nazism from Ukraine (But seriously she is unable to resist this, experts)

Central British newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" has confirmed the participation of European neo-Nazis in punitive action against the New Russia. According to the author, there are fighting racists

12 August 2014

Opinions on the situation in Ukraine (The opinions expressed are those of the authors, but not the “Voice of America”)

The crisis in Ukraine was in the limelight and has spawned a wide range of views about its causes and ways to resolve it. Newspapers, blogs and other sources publish a variety of comments and

19 March 2014

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