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U.S. Banks checked street residents Dudayev in Riga involvement in terrorism

The story of the street Johar Dudayev in Riga received an unexpected continuation. A resident of the street Dudayev Mark Serbin, a policeman by profession, gave an interview to a REGNUM correspondent

5 September 2010

Wikileaks has published an internal CIA report on the U.S. and terrorism

Internet site WikiLeaks said the publication of an internal report to the CIA, reports CNN. In WikiLeaks argue that the document is dated February 2, 2010, as its main theme - “What if foreigners

25 August 2010

Combating terrorism has cost the U.S. a trillion dollars. More expensive than the Vietnam War

After September 11, 2001 the U.S. spent to fight terrorism more than $ 1 trillion. This is stated in the report published by the American Congress.

Compared U.S. spending on various wars over the

20 July 2010

Europe will provide access to the U.S. Bank Secrecy

EU opens U.S. interrogators access to bank accounts of the Europeans. This Washington sought from Brussels for four years, assuring that the information will help in the fight against terrorism.

9 July 2010

White House: U.S. did not lead and will never wage a war against Islam

U.S. never waged, and will not conduct a war against Islam. , Said Obama aide on homeland security and fighting terrorism, John Brennan, speaking at the Center for Strategic and International

27 May 2010

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