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The fight against Russia justifies terrorism, according to the U.S. Department of State (”Foreign Policy Journal”, U.S.)

To be updated his annual State Department list of terrorist groups, however, a group that recently attacked a Moscow will not be included in this list.

“Caucasian Emirate”, which is waging war

24 May 2010

Expert urges Americans to prepare for cyberwar

Recently, the U.S. advanced to the book “cyberwarfare” (Cyber War), Richard Clarke, an expert on terrorism, 30 years old who worked in government for four presidents.

Clark warns that tens of

11 May 2010

Article “The U.S. and Georgia supported Islamist terrorism against Russia”

We do not know the whole background of suicide bombers who killed 38 people in Moscow and many wounded. Although their identity is not defined, it is likely that the suicide was linked to the rebel

12 April 2010

European Parliament banned the U.S. to monitor bank transactions in the EU

The European Parliament, using the veto, rejected the EU-US agreement, provides for the transfer of banking data of European citizens to American authorities in the fight against terrorism.


11 February 2010

CIA was allowed to kill the Americans involved in terrorism

Head of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair said that security forces would kill Americans, consisting of international terrorist organizations. However, for the commission of such acts scouts will

4 February 2010

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