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Elections in the Donbas as a new pretext for anti-Russian sanctions

The European Union and the United States are considering imposing new sanctions against Russia. It will happen in the event that the authorities of self-proclaimed republics of folk Donetsk and

4 September 2015

In the U.S. believe that Yanukovych restricts the right of political parties to participate in the elections

The U.S. International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute, prepared a memorandum stating that the new version of the law on elections in Ukraine restricts the right of

19 August 2010

Gorbachev: U.S. does not want unification of Russia and Ukraine

- Mikhail Sergeyevich, how do you assess the results of elections in Ukraine?

- I hold the view that we are all the same now, which of them will be.

- What do you mean anyway?

- Well, I think, or

14 February 2010

Obama congratulated Yanukovych on his victory in elections

U.S. President Barack Obama has congratulated Viktor Yanukovich on his victory in the presidential elections in Ukraine. This was reported on the personal site leader of the Party of Regions.

In a

11 February 2010

About Ukrainian PR: Who surnames responsible for the outcome of local elections, the president and how much the campaign cost

After the first round of the presidential race in Ukraine, we turned to colleagues asking for comment last campaign, and called the names of famous specialists “do” the result of a candidate.


9 February 2010

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