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United States Ambassador to Ukraine was accused of using unreliable photo

American diplomat used on his Twitter page with illustrations, photographs incorrect messages about the teachings of the Ukraine. RT journalist Graham Phillips found that the pictures in Ukraine

16 September 2014

“Streams of gas, natural gas, are from Western Europe through Ukraine to Russia” - recently told astonished reporters Ms. Psak

Mouthpiece of the U.S. State Department - 35-year-old redhead with a musical name molodushka Psak - despite his age, is a veteran information and political battles in the United States. In fact, as

28 May 2014

State Department of journalists suspected of smuggling weapons Lifenews

The U.S. State Department expressed reservations about the fact that employees detained in Ukraine Russian edition Lifenews really are journalists. "Presumably, in the trunk of their car were

21 May 2014

The U.S. would not send troops to Ukraine

The U.S. would not send troops to Ukraine, told reporters a senior administration official. In Ukraine, February 22 was a change of government, which has signs of a coup. Verkhovna Rada of ousted

3 March 2014

U.S. called Evromaydan peaceful protest and condemn the violent methods by the government (the White House claim that peaceful protests are not a coup attempt)

So Speaker White House spokesman Jay Carney said during a briefing on the question of the Russian journalist who suggested that the events in Ukraine have signs of a coup d'etat, and asked whether

3 December 2013

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