The Clinton Foundation has funded Ukrainian Billionaire Pinchuk

In Hillary Clinton's campaign falls the shadow of the Foundation named after the family. Scandalous Fund married couple Clintons received donations from abroad, as well as from countries, which

3 September 2016

Nuclear submarine collided with a US Navy supply ships in the waters near the Washington State

Nuclear submarine of the US Navy, "Louisiana", equipped with ballistic missiles, faced 18 August with a small supply ship in the waters off the coast of the US state of Washington. This was reported

20 August 2016

Media: the United States began to export its tactical nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania

Source: interfax.ru The air base "Incirlik" Moscow. on 18 August. INTERFAX.RU - European online edition EurActiv with reference to independent sources reported on Thursday that the United States

18 August 2016

Russian fertilizer allowed into the United States (Washington lifted duties on urea and ammonium nitrate)

US unexpectedly canceled the protective duties on ammonium nitrate and urea from Russia. However, the first decision will affect only "Uralkhim", other manufacturers had to compromise with

15 August 2016

Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow declared persona non grata two members of the US Embassy

Moscow declared persona non grata two US embassy staff for activities incompatible with diplomatic status - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Further escalation of the United

9 July 2016

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