“Definitely, a contextually and verbatim translation of the phrase” put up or shut up “-” make up or shut up “” - Maria Zakharova diplomatic lexicon, “digital diplomacy” and proficiency

The story of how an employee of the State Department Mark Toner said that Russia in Syria has to "make or shut up" (put up or shut up), a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova was

5 March 2016

In the United States launched a set of Russian and Ukrainian people to participate in training Marines

NEW YORK, 10 March. / Correspondent. Ivan Pil'shchikov TASS /. American contractor Glacier Technology Solutions (GTS), which carries out orders for the US Marine Corps, began a set of men who speak

10 March 2015

Homeless Leo has developed its first application

In mid-August, programmer and designer from New York Patrick MakKonlog proposed homeless named Leo choice: $ 100 in cash or three books on the programming language JavaScript, used laptop and free

11 December 2013

CIA opens jobs for Russian citizens

On the website of the Central Intelligence Agency U.S. page appeared in Russian, which explains the rules of employment. "Due to the secrecy of our business recruitment process in the Central

7 December 2013

Valve engineer invented the first mouse to

Engineer Ben Krasnow of Valve designed computer controller like an ordinary mouse, which should be put in your mouth. Krasnow showed his invention in the video on YouTube. Krasnow admits that his

5 December 2013

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