US Treasury Secretary called on Ukraine’s creditors to bring “sacrifice”

US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew essentially supported the actions of the authorities in Kiev in a dispute with the creditors on the restructuring of the Ukrainian debt.

Responding to a question on this theme in a speech at an economic conference in Washington, he said that the United States brought the “victim“, approved the second loan guarantee Ukraine at $ 1 billion, and made it clear that waiting for the same from others.

“I think in this situation, to make it all work, require a combination of willingness to make sacrifices, and enlightened self-interest” - said Liu.
Literally, the term that he used to mean “self-interest”.
Quotes of the American minister come amid difficult negotiations with private creditors in Kiev.
Russia in these negotiations is not involved, because it believes its loan Ukraine $ 3 billion sovereign and insists on his timely return.

20 May 2015

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