Stallone fight with LIH in the latest action movie of Rambo

Stallone fight with LIH in the latest action movie of Rambo.

Actor and director Sylvester Stallone in the final part of the movie Rambo plans to cope with the threat, which is too much for the armies of several countries. In the action movie “Rambo: Last Blood” super-soldiers alone will clash with militants LIH (the organization is banned in Russia by the decision of the Supreme Court. - Comm. LifeNews). This was stated by the 69-year-old actor.

- We have a team in Iraq and in the part of Syria, where the main item LIH - said Stallone. - We are working with local residents to create the most realistic film about Rambo.

Note that in the earlier parts of super-soldiers fought all over the world, from Afghanistan to Vietnam, so the new location filming did not surprise anyone. Despite the official confirmation of the shooting of the film, the release date is still not known. We add that the previous film about Rambo was released in rent in 2008 and the previous three parts were removed back in the eighties.

14 July 2015

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19-year-old Ivy Zidrich sure it was US actions in the Middle East led to the largest terrorist organization now.
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More precisely, its geo-teegginga determining the user’s location on the map and marking the place where the photo was taken.
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The head of the White House called the Kremlin's policies in the region wrong because it allegedly hinders fight LIH.

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