Father arrow Tennessee suspected of terrorist links. But it is not caught

Father Youssef Mohammed Abdulaziz, made a fire in the recruitment center of the US Navy, suspected of having links with foreign terrorist organization, says The New York Times.

Several years ago, the father of a young man questioned in connection with the transfer of funds to organizations suspected of having links with terrorist groups, but no charges it was not put forward. Himself Mohammed Youssef previously arrested for drunk driving. Neighbors petition edition, described the accused in the killings of a guy like calm and polite, and his father and mother - how strict parents.

July 16 at the recruitment center in the US Navy in Chattanooga result of an open fire killing four soldiers and the shooter himself. Several people, including a police officer, were injured. According to the law enforcement officers, the shooter made not less than thirty vystrelov.Politsiya determined that the gunman was a local resident, 24-year-old Youssef Mohammed Abdulaziz.

17 July 2015

Source: Deputy Ilya Ponomarev international wanted list
US intelligence for 20 years watching Putin, but so far they do not know anything about the size of the state of the Russian president

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