Poll: 46% of Americans believed Russia’s actions in Syria “strong and smart”

About half of Americans do not believe their own statements of President Barack Obama that Russia allegedly “acting in Syria from a position of weakness, plead for the government of Bashar al-Assad.” According to the White House for the disappointing results of the survey channel Fox News, 46 percent of respondents named action videoconferencing RF “strong and smart” and Obama’s point of view shared by only 29 percent of his compatriots.

The majority of Americans - 61 percent - agree that the US has a national interest in Syria. However, 70 percent of respondents admitted that they do not see a clear strategy in the actions of the White House in the country. Only 25 percent of survey respondents believe US efforts against terrorists succeed, while 69 percent described the move led by Washington’s campaign against “Islamic state” as “bad” or “very bad”.

To the question “Who has more influence on the events in Syria, the president of the United States or Russia?” the majority (53 percent) gave a disappointing response to Obama, and to support their leader, only 22 percent of Americans.

Strong and decisive leader in foreign policy Obama said 32 percent of respondents, while 52 percent hold the opposite opinion. If we talk about the general characteristics of the work of Obama as president, at least for the past year his rating rose slightly from 35-37 percent to 42 percent, but the majority of Americans - 52 percent - still tend to think of the work of their leader “unsatisfactory.”

16 October 2015

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