Thousand sponsors supported the project of the American search of traces on the moon

Thousand initiated by Russian sponsors support the enthusiasts microsatellite project development to continue taking American astronauts on the moon - has already collected more than 1.35 million rubles for the required 800 thousand. This was announced on Friday TASS Vitaly Egorov initiator of the project.

“We thought that crowdfunding is only a means to start all the work on the project. Now we see that the idea of ​​so many inspired, and people come to us who support not only money, but also their knowledge and work. That is, the work becomes more and crowdsourcing - when involved in the implementation of all interested “- said Yegorov.

“We offer a variety of technical solutions to complex problems, people are ready to participate in the writing code or designing a satellite. Many of them are already working in the Russian space industry, but still they are attracted by the opportunity to participate in the launch of the satellite to the moon” - he explained.

According to Yegorov, for those who want to open a special forum where everyone can express their suggestions and participate in the development of the lunar mission. “In the future, we will consider the possibility of closer cooperation,” - a spokesman said.

Fundraising page on the Russian site kraudfandingovoy “Bumstarter” was opened on October 1. The authors of the project said that the main goal of sending a satellite into space - shot in high definition landing sites of American ships “Apollo” and Soviet stations series “Luna” and “Lunokhod”. For the first three days it has been collected more than a million rubles. Most often carry out transfers of 100 and 1000 rubles.

Developers future satellite emphasize that the funds collected are not enough to build and launch the device - the money will go to the theoretical study of the project. Enthusiasts hope that in the future the project will be interested large donors or investors, as well as plans to save on start-up, sending a satellite with one of the lunar missions of Russia, India or China. “According to preliminary estimates, the total cost of the project could be about $ 10 million, but even this amount is quite modest by the standards of space” - said Yegorov.

26 October 2015

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