US aircraft bombed the financial center of the IG (According to sources in the military, insurgents have suffered serious financial loss)

The US Air Force bombed the Iraqi central Mosul, where there was a financial center of the terrorist group “Islamic State“, CNN referring to members of the armed forces.

As a result of strike destroyed a building in which to store large reserves of cash used to pay the fighters and the financing of ongoing military operations.

The US Department of Defense did not specify how much money the terrorists lost, but evaluate them in the “millions.” Military leaders are planning to destroy the new vault cash to deprive IG opportunity to perform some functions of the state.

Also, sources of CNN acknowledged that bombed in the town, where a high probability of casualties among the civilian population (up to 50 people). Therefore, guided by intelligence data, US forces struck at dawn on Sunday, when the area is almost no civilians and a high concentration of militants.

The military promised that in the future will be more carefully select targets for attacks in order to minimize the number of dead civilians.

The group “Islamic State” is prohibited on the territory of Russia.

12 January 2016

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