Russia has refused to pay “tribute” The United States and attempts to radical change in the economy

Aggravation of Russian foreign policy of confrontation with the West and the deterioration of the economic situation of the country requires management to immediate action. Notorious import substitution until the transition is more than a domestic product, and the Chinese. We need radical changes. Experts believe that on the brink of disaster Russia was the fault of his own Government, and Western sanctions that would help, though, and under the influence of “outside” to make modernization breakthrough, only aggravate the situation. But, nevertheless, attempts to make a radical change in the economy can be seen in a number of crucial decisions. Experts’ opinions on this - On the eve of the material.

Last week was a week of revelations for the Russian Government, experts and Russians. From the stands of the State Council were heard proposals for a radical change in economic policy. For example, President Vladimir Putin has denied economic postulates that inspires liberals last 20 years, and said that from now on the Russian economy will be oriented to the domestic market, rather than the mythical foreign investment.

Belgorod Region Governor Yevgeny Savchenko at the meeting also urged to abandon outdated economic dogmas and take a new course, corresponds to the new economic reality.

“In order to ensure sustainable long-term growth of the gross domestic product of Russia at the level of 7-8% per year is necessary to launch a new model of economic growth based, firstly, on the thoughtful import substitution and, secondly, on the active stimulating domestic demand and consumption. Successful launch such a model, we have also come to the conclusion that we need, first of all, to give up a number outlived their economic decisions and some well-established myths and at the same time to adopt new standards and rules of economic behavior that meets the challenges of time, which will provide further domestic business opportunities to ensure economic growth and the creation of a competitive economy, “- said Savchenko.

To carry out the coveted transition, the governor proposes to the Government to abandon the idea of ​​helplessness of the Russian economy and throw all the forces in support of domestic producers: to open their access to investment resources at 3-4% per annum, to provide project financing, to compensate for a third of the cost of the project after the planned capacity, increase the share of Russian products on the market.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance did what to him, no one was waiting. Passed almost unnoticed by the news that the Finance Ministry proposes to abandon the reserve fund at the expense of additional oil and gas revenues in the “fiscal rule”. The magnitude of these revenues will be reduced government borrowing program, the value of which adversely affect the geopolitical situation and the mode of Western sanctions …………

27 September 2014

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