Russia and the US are secret military talks

Senior Russian and US military conduct secret negotiations to reduce tensions between NATO and Russia. This publication has learned from sources in European intelligence circles.

In recent years, the relationship soured to such an extent that they can be compared with the times of the Cold War.

The negotiations with the Kremlin and the White House are held in one of the capitals of Northern Europe. They involve high-ranking officers of the Pentagon and the Defense Ministry of Russia.

According to sources, the impetus for the start of negotiations was the decision entourage Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to change strategy in relation to Russia. The US side is ready to make concessions to Moscow for Ukraine in exchange for support of the new geopolitical structure in the Middle East that the United States promoted after the nuclear deal with Iran.

The Pentagon wants to put an end to confrontation with Russia and Putin get support to stop the expansion of the Islamic state and to implement in parallel changes in the government Sunni Gulf states, which, after the nuclear deal with Iran distanced itself from Washington.

Washington is extremely concerned about the intensification of the Islamic State of

Sources in European intelligence circles told the publication that the United States initially supported the Islamic state, which receives substantial financial support from Qatar and Saudi Arabia; In addition the Turkish government provided logistical support to the rebels of the IG on the Syrian-Turkish border.

All this was done for the sole purpose - by any means to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

However, after the proclamation of a year ago, the “Caliphate” Islamic state becomes an example for jihad and draws on his side thousands of men from around the world.

According to sources, the United States is very concerned about the intensification of the Islamic State, as well as the expansion of the sources of its financing.

US intelligence agencies - the CIA, the National Security Agency, Military Intelligence Service - actively cooperate with the Israeli intelligence service “Mossad”, which has comprehensive information on the political movements in the Middle East and is well versed in all the intricacies of an Islamic state.

Israel anxiously watched as the regime in Iran is gradually becoming less hostile to the United States. This led to a complication of relations with Washington, which has traditionally been an ally of Tel Aviv. One of the effects of cooling relations was a significant reduction in the cooperation between the Israeli secret service and the US intelligence agencies.
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5 August 2015

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