President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker: The White House can not “dictate” the EU as it is to treat Russia

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for the easing of tensions in relations with Moscow. “We must seek to establish beneficial relations with Russia. It is not very attractive, but it must be done. Then you can not do” - Reuters brings word Juncker, said in Passau on Thursday, 8 of October. Restore the entire agreement does not, however, a need to develop some sensible basis for further discussion, says Juncker.

European official also criticized the position of US President Barack Obama, who called Russian “regional power”. “Russia needs to be perceived appropriately,” - said the politician. According to him, the White House can not “dictate” the EU as it is to treat Russia. The Russians - “proud people” who plays “a role”, he said. “Do not write them off because they can quickly remind myself again,” - said Juncker.

In this very Russian Federation should, according to the European official, “scale” to change. “So behave as she (Russia. - Ed.) Behaved in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine, it is impossible,” - said Juncker.

9 October 2015

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