The founder of SpaceX posted a video unsuccessful landing stage of the Falcon 9

Landing[[t:tag slug=prizemlenie]Landing stage rocket was not successful, because one of the landing gear is not locked because of possible icing, said Elon Musk.

Owner SpaceX has posted a video unsuccessful landing stage rocket Falcon 9 in its account in Instagram.

One of the landing gear when landing is not blocked, which led to overturning stage of the rocket, said Musk.

“This could be caused by icing, which occurred due to the formation of moisture in the fog at the start”, - he wrote.

SpaceX previously disseminated information that landing the Falcon 9 first stage of an offshore platform was soft, not hard, as reported initially, but one of the landing gear when landing is not blocked.

SpaceX, the technology of storing the first stage booster rocket for future launches with a view to reduce the cost of space missions.

18 January 2016

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