Israel asks US to increase military aid since 2017

Israel sent a preliminary request for annual military aid from the US in the amount of five billion dollars since 2017, when this expires assistance package in the amount of three billion dollars, Reuters reported, citing sources in the Congress.

The interlocutor of the agency said that Israel wants to receive military aid from the United States in such an amount for the past ten years, that is the total amount of aid should reach $ 50 billion. Earlier, Israeli officials have hinted that they may need more money on the military to deal with the threats that, according to Israeli officials, may increase due to the adoption of an agreement on the Iranian atom.

As the agency unnamed congressional representatives and other US officials are discussing a new aid package to Israel is still in its early stages. The Congress, which must approve the funding proposal for assistance has yet been received, the official said. “First, they need to reconcile this with the White House,” - said the expert of the Congress.

The issue of military aid to Israel is likely to be discussed at a meeting of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama, who is expected to take place next week in Washington.

5 November 2015

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